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Oz: Broken Kingdom

iOS & Android

A shadow has been cast across the peaceful Land of Oz. Join the kingdom's brave new heroine Ophelia Shen, along with the legendary heroes of Oz: Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow as they embark on an epic quest to stop the rising evil, restore the balance of magic, and return the kingdom to its rightful glory.


Scott Blackwood

Production & Creative Direction

Scott (aka Scooter, aka Scotty B) has been making video games for over 20 years. After a 15+ year run at EA Canada and Blackbox studios where he shipped 15 AAA console titles across EA Sports, entertainment properties like Need For Speed and Bond, and built the award winning Skate franchise from the ground up as Executive Producer. He self-funded a local studio success story, Exploding Barrel Games, the team behind Fast & The Furious 6 (60M + WW downloads, Editor’s Choice in over 90 countries), which sold to Kabam in Jan 2011 where he became VP of Product, North America. Scott loves golf (especially in Hawaii), discussing the merits of protein powder and spending time in the gym.

Chris Ko

Strategy, Partnerships & Product Management

Chris (aka Coach Ko) had 9 years of Publishing, Strategy, M&A and direct studio experience across EA and Tencent before joining Kabam. As VP of NA Studios he was responsible for a 220+ person multi-studio team which grossed $180M worldwide. After Kabam, he founded CoverFire, which focused on systems and monetization strategy as well as partnership management in March 2014. When he isn't working on systems design and working with our external partners to uncover the best opportunities for the studio, he is coaching little league, soccer and proving that he is indeed the best golfer of the four founders.

Heather Price

Operations & Chairman of the Board

Heather (aka HP) logged 11 years of Publishing and Studio Experience at EA & Microsoft Game Studios, spanning Advertising, Branding, Product Marketing & Product Strategy before joining Exploding Barrel Games as General Manager. After working on the Kabam acquisition she became VP of North America Studio Operations. Heather is one of those weirdos who loves everything Ops and relishes in being the "guy behind the guys" via taking care of all of the other studio stuff so great game talent can focus solely on making great games. Heather dreams of one day hustling for cash in golf long ball competitions (but is only driving 200 yards so has some work to do), has an epic case of the travel bug and thinks NFL RedZone is the best thing to happen to Sundays...ever.

Ian Szufnara


Ian (aka That Super Tall Guy Ian) studied Physics and Computer Science in Waterloo that led him to EA where he spent 9 years in multiple technical and leadership roles across EA Sports brands such as FIFA, Need for Speed, Tiger Woods, Marvel, SSX, Fight Night & UFC where he managed large console technical teams/budgets as well as scrappier mobile teams. When he isn't inspiring the talent at This Game Studio or writing code, Ian is likely enjoying a BLTA sandwich, honing his short game at the Pitch and Putt, building robots and/or hanging out with his cat who seems to hate everyone but him.




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